Somalia is one of the countries seriously affected by devastating civil war.
The anarchy and civil strive that followed the downfall of military regime have not only caused physical devastation's to the public and private institutions but also created physiological impacts to the entire population. As a result, a complete destruction of political, economic, and social services occurred.

The civil war that erupted in the late 1990s seriously affected the public and private sectors. The education system, health facilities, communications, infrastructures, water and the electricity systems were either destroyed or looted.

Many Somali people were forced to flee from their place of residence and sought safety from in their home clan areas and in refugee camps abroad. After, several years of civil wars, conditions are now improving in many parts of Somalia and private institutions are emerging to serve the needs of the Somali people despite the lack of strong government that controls in all parts of the country.

Centre for Education and Development (CED) is a non-profit, non-governmental local organization operating in Somalia (Horn of Africa). CED was established in 1992 with the main aim of advancement of education and development in the context Somalia. CED improves the quality of education, creates chances for education for more students and generates peace and development through education. CED works with poor local communities through sustainable community development programs to overcome ignorance, diseases, hunger, poverty, injustice, and inequality. CED also serves as a conduit for information dissemination through its library, seminars, training's, workshops, lectures, and symposiums.

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of CED. The Board of Trustees consists of five members while CED Management team comprises of four members. The management of the organization rests upon the Director who is responsible to perform the planning, designing and the implementation of the organizations programs. The organization has a number of experienced and qualified staff.

Most of the office staff members have the ability required to manage education and development programs. In addition to the permanent staff, CED hires temporary consultants and field officers whenever there is a need of their services.

CED operations are mainly run by membership subscriptions, contributions and donations paid by either individuals or organizations. Grants and contributions received from the benevolent individuals and organizations are important for the smooth running of CED operations.




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